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Chaga and Lion's Mane

Ötzibrew Lion's Mane

Ötzibrew Lion’s Mane

Organically grown and sustainable, Ötzibrew Lion’s Mane is a mood boosting, nootropic and adaptogenic ingredient which helps to support focus and memory.

Birch forest background
Greta from Lithuania
"The family feels better after 2 weeks already - feels like the whole body got a boost.”
Friends drinking Chaga
Maria from the UK
“Chaga is an amazing drink, full of goodness and giving you the same experience as a coffee would do but without the ‘bad stuff’.”
Chaga close up
Uwe, Germany
“After drinking two cups of Ötzibrew per day for the past week I feel like my immune system slowly strengthened.”
Ötzibrew Pure Chaga

Ötzibrew Pure Chaga

Enter the world of superfood adaptogens and be prepared to discover the secrets our ancestors were prepared to navigate the Siberian wilderness for, all for the miracle goodness of mushrooms.



Wild from Siberia, Only From Birch Trees, Pure & Sustainably Harvested


Chaga Chai Latte

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