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7 Ways to Use Coconut Powder in Your Everyday Nutrition

Coconut powder is made from dried and desiccated coconut and is such a handy ingredient to have in your dry goods store.It’s easily stored as it doesn’t need refrigeration and  has a long life. 

Creating a creamy texture when mixed with liquid, coconut powder is not just nutritional but  also a tasty addition to your dishes. It’s health benefits include promoting a healthy heart and easing muscle fatigue.

It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties and is a great natural moisturiser. About 50gs of coconut powder is about the same as the milk  from one coconut. 

1. Cream up your curries

Coconut powder is a popular addition to curries and dhals. Basically, any creamy curry that you would usually use coconut milk in is the perfect curry for coconut powder including kormas, Thai curry, ceylon curries and lentil dhals. 

2. Great Substitute for Milk

A great substitute for milk, coconut powder tastes great in your cuppa and you don’t even have to be vegan to enjoy it. It’s perfect for camping enthusiasts as you don’t have to store it in the fridge and it’s long life. 

3. Morning Smoothies

There are few healthier ways to wake up than to a coconut powder and fruit smoothie. Simply pop the powder into your blender with the rest of your ingredients and you’re good to go!

4. Terrific Addition to Soups 

Because of its creamy qualities, coconut powder is fantastic in soups like leek and potato or creamy mushroom soup and is a much healthier option than adding cream. 

5. Bake it in a Pie

As with soups, coconut powder is great in any kind of creamy pie. It’s a brilliant way to give that creamy texture to vegan pies and is a great way to sneak in some extra nutrients even if you are using cream in your filling. 

6. Perfect Porridge

You can mix coconut powder into either milk or water to add some extra creaminess to your morning bowl of porridge. To avoid getting lumps when you mix the powder in just heat the liquid slightly and add your coconut powder before your porridge oats.  

7. Natural Moisturiser

Don’t forget your skin needs food too. Coconut powder is a great natural moisturiser. All you have to do is simply mix the powder into your usual moisturiser. 

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