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the best way to take chaga

The Best Way To Take Chaga

Chaga is a versatile product that can be consumed in a number of different ways.

In order to receive all the miracle goodness of this amazing mushroom, the best way to consume Chaga is to mix it with hot water as an alternative to tea and coffee.

There is a reason why Chaga cannot be consumed the way it is naturally found in the wild which we will outline in this article.

the best way to take chaga

Below you will discover:

Why You Can't Eat Chaga Straight From The Tree

Chaga cell walls are made of chitin, one of the hardest naturally occurring materials on the planet. This makes Chaga indigestible for human beings without proper preparation.

The good news is that you wouldn’t even want to consume Chaga when it is in this rock hard form. The reason being that all of the beneficial compounds are actually locked up inside the cell walls of the mushroom.

This means that for you to unlock and enjoy all of the amazing benefits of the Chaga mushroom, an extraction process is required to break down the cells and release the beneficial ingredients that lie within.

There are several different Chaga extraction methods, for example, you can perform a hot water extraction, an alcohol extraction, or a combination of both, as a way of releasing the compounds. 

However, some Chaga extraction methods are better than others and at Ötzibrew we only use the very best processes.

Chaga growing on birch tree

Our Chaga Process

1. Harvest

We source our Chaga from the East Siberian Taiga forest in the heart of Siberia. The weather is quite extreme here and can plummet to -62ºC (-80ºF) in some places.

Containing high amounts of chromogenic complex, melanins and polysaccharides make the Chaga that grows in these forests one of the richest in minerals that nature has to offer. This is in sharp contrast with artificially grown Chaga which contains a fraction of the true benefits.

2. Water Extraction

We use water extraction as we know this method preserves the optimal amount of health properties contained within Chaga.

Our method maintains the complex of chromogens and high melanin, vitamin and mineral content, protecting Otzibrew’s potent properties fully. This is in sharp contrast with artificially grown or spray-dried Chaga, which contains a fraction of the true benefits.

3. Freeze Drying

We use only the best method of extracting our Chaga to ensure that none of the properties are lost. It is possible to use spray drying or infrared drying, but we use the more complicated and labour intensive method of freeze-drying, which is also known as sublimation. 

This method safeguards the maximum concentration of biologically active substances, guaranteeing the best possible quality for you.

How to Take Chaga Step-by-step Instructions


Here at Ötzibrew we pride ourselves on offering the premium source of Chaga in the world. Coming from the richest forests in Siberia and specifically harvested for Ötzibrew, you know you are getting a Chaga like no other when you choose Ötzibrew. 

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the best way to take chaga

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