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woman drinking chaga

When You Should Drink Chaga

So often I get asked, “Tricia, I understand all of the amazing health benefits of Chaga, but when exactly should I drink Chaga and how much Chaga should I drink a day?”

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to explain to you in this article.

woman drinking chaga

"When Should I drink Chaga?"

Chaga is great because it is beneficial to drink it at any time of day. However, due to Chaga’s powerful adaptogenic properties, there are certain times in the day that are truly optimal for drinking Chaga which you will discover in this article.

Chaga the Adaptogenic Superhero

In our article on improving your mental health with Chaga we explained how the Chaga mushroom is among a rare group of plant species known as an adaptogenic herb.

So what exactly are adaptogenic herbs? Well, the clue is in their name. Adaptogens literally help your body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on your environment. So, for example, they can help calm you in stressful situations, or they can give you a surge of energy when you’re tired.

This is why Chaga is perfect to drink morning, noon or night!

Having said that, there are a few key times when drinking Chaga can really help your body which are:

1. First thing in the morning

For those of us trying to limit our caffeine intake, Chaga serves as a great alternative to tea and coffee.

The adaptogenic properties of Chaga make it a great way to start the day. Plant adaptogens stimulate your nervous system differently than caffeine and other conventional stimulants. The stimulants in plant adaptogens regulate the metabolism of several individual elements of the stress system.

This means that the boost of energy you get from Chaga is different than that of caffeine. Many people get jitters, caffeine withdrawal headaches, and even stomach problems when they drink too much caffeine.

Thankfully, Chaga can give you a surge of energy without all of these unwanted side effects.

If you want to keep the caffeine habit, but incorporate Chaga as well, you can always add a shot of coffee to your Chaga tea. You can then slowly eliminate your need for caffeine by reducing the amount you add each day.

Brewed Chaga lends itself well to milk and milk alternatives. Check out our recipe for a Chaga Chai Latte.

2. Before bed for a great nights sleep

Since Chaga does not have caffeine you don’t have to worry about it keeping you awake all night.

With it’s adaptogenic properties, Chaga helps your body adapt to stress and calm down after a long day. This is why it is the perfect beverage to have before going to bed at night to ensure you get a great sleep and are well rested for the next day.

3. During cold and flu season

Chaga has a reputation of being a natural immunity booster, which makes it a great weapon in the fight against the cold and flu.

This has been the subject of several different studies. The results of these studies on Chaga suggest that this tree mushroom actually promotes the formation of specialised proteins which stimulate white blood cells. These are essential for fighting harmful bacteria and viruses.

Also, just like other edible mushrooms, Chaga contains a wealth of important nutrients. These include manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus. All of these nutrients contribute to your overall health and give your body the fuel it needs to thrive.

the best way to take chaga

"How Much Chaga Should I Drink?"

With regards to the question “How much Chaga should I drink?” it really depends on your own preference. However, experts suggest that you start slowly and work your way up. 

It’s recommended that you start with only one or two cups of Chaga per day at the beginning. One Ötzibrew spoon of Chaga (1 gram) per cup is all you need. 

You can slowly drink more Chaga until you reach three cups daily if you wish, however, it isn’t beneficial to drink more Chaga than this because your body will then have a surplus of crucial vitamins and minerals. When the body has an excess of anything, it won’t absorb the nutrients and will simply remove them as waste.

If you’d like step-by-step instructions on how to take Chaga check out our article on the best way to take Chaga.

Here at Ötzibrew we pride ourselves on offering the premium source of Chaga in the world. Coming from the richest forests in Siberia and specifically harvested for Ötzibrew, you know you are getting a Chaga like no other when you choose Ötzibrew. 

You can check out all of our Chaga products here

woman drinking chaga

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