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your root to balance
Like coffee, but better
ancient wisdom, modern wellness

who are we?

Ötzibrew is here to change your routine with our organic beanless brews, sustainably crafted for a healthier you and a greener planet. 

We are a purpose-driven brand with a promise to always put the wellbeing of people and the planet at the heart of what we do.

Our organic roots and mushrooms are sustainably foraged and roasted to taste like your favourite batch coffee but with functional benefits for your health. Working with farmers and artisanal roasters ensures our blends are of the highest quality, whilst our ingredients are carefully selected to complement your daily nutrition.  

5,300 years ago, our roots began.

When a man named ötzi was discovered by two experienced hikers as his naturally preserved body melted out of the ice 3,210m above sea level, on their journey across the Ötzal Alps. His body was preserved in ice until its discovery in 1991 along with a pouch containing rare pollens and roots. His body was analysed allowing scientists to trace his diet and the diversity of his microbiome, which revealed Ötzi’s astonishing knowledge of specific remedies to apply to his many ailments.

Inspired by his sacred medicine pouch, our brand ötzibrew was born. We have created a range of organic coffee alternatives blends, handcrafted in small batches from premium organic ingredients and nature’s own roots. Effortlessly maintaining your coffee ritual, we simply redefine the result.


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our mission
ötzibrew was founded with a commitment and dedication to discover a range of products that help consumers optimise their health by offering natural alternatives to caffeine laden drinks.

our story

” I love coffee, I loved coffee a little too much. Afternoon energy crashes and caffeine headaches constantly disrupted my days. I partnered with artisanal roasters and organic roots and mushroom farmers to create ötzibrew, an organic coffee alternative brand, simply roasting roots and shrooms since 2017. After starting to drink ötzibrew’s blend of organic roots and mushrooms, I experienced improved energy, focus, wellbeing, and SLEEP! It’s just like we say… Like coffee, but BETTER.”

- Tricia McNeilly,  Ötzibrew Founder

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