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Karen, Oxford

Review of Dandelion & Burdock ‘coffee’

Prepare to be amazed!!

My health practitioner has suggested I stop drinking my daily delicious organic espresso to try to calm my body and reduce symptoms of stress & anxiety. I was so sceptical when she suggested a switch to a good quality dandelion alternative. An internet search led me to Ötzibrew’s Organic Dandelion & Burdock coffee alternative. WOW!!!!!!!! I can’t actually believe how amazing it tastes. I brew one teaspoon in a mini French press (cafetière) with a little boiled water, leave for a few minutes and pour into my favourite small glass as an ‘espresso’. The colour is beautiful, the taste amazing and the aftertaste really surprising – at the end of a meal you can still enjoy the taste for quite some time. Well done Ötzibrew – I am seriously impressed. My first order has been ‘stolen’ by my daughter (she mixes the ‘espresso’ with frothy warm oat milk and loves it) so I have ordered again – efficient customer service direct from Ötzibrew and only £2.99 for postage. I’ll try one of Ötzibrew other products next. I hope this review helps others to make the switch to this healthier alternative.

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