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Our Process

Our Chaga Process

Tribes have been using medicinal mushrooms in the form of brews, teas and soups for thousands of years. Otzibrew gets its name from Ötzi the Iceman who was over 5000 years old when he was found with Chaga in his belt pouch. Read on to see how we get your Chaga to you from the wild Birch forests of Siberia.

1. Harvest

We source our Chaga from the East Siberian Taiga forest in the heart of Siberia. The weather is quite extreme here and can plummet to -62ºC (-80ºF) in some places.

Containing high amounts of chromogenic complex, melanins and polysaccharides makes the Chaga that grows in these forests one of the richest in minerals that nature has to offer, This is in sharp contrast with artificially grown Chaga which contains a fraction of the true benefits.

2. Water Extraction

We use water extraction as we know this method preserves the optimal amount of health properties contained within Chaga. Our method maintains the complex of chromogens and high melanin, vitamin and mineral content, protecting Otzibrew’s potent properties fully. This is in sharp contrast with artificially grown or spray-dried Chaga, which contains a fraction of the true benefits.

3. Freeze Drying

We use only the best method of extracting our Chaga to ensure that none of the properties are lost. It is possible to use spray drying or infrared drying, but we use the more complicated and labour intensive method of freeze drying, which is also known as sublimation. This method safeguards maximum concentration of biologically active substances, guaranteeing the best possible quality for you.

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