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Tricia McNeilly, Founder Ötzibrew

Belfast’s Ötzibrew To Brew Up A Storm At UK’s Food Matters Live

A Northern Ireland entrepreneur is set to bring the power of medicinal mushrooms to one of the UK’s biggest food and drink industry conferences next week.

Tricia McNeilly, founder of Ötzibrew, will be exhibiting her flagship product Ötzibrew Pure Chaga, an alternative hot drink, as well as previewing the company’s latest product Organic Lion’s Mane at Food Matters Live in London’s ExCeL from November 20 – 22.

The show will give the Belfast company the opportunity to showcase their products to some of the biggest distributors and stockists in the food and drinks industry.

Already stocked across the UK, Ireland and Europe Tricia said she is delighted to be introducing her range of preventative health products to the tens of thousands of people who attend the Food Matters Live show each year.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to be able to exhibit at this show” she said.

“When I was developing Ötzibrew, my main motivation was to get people thinking about how to optimise their health. I was having nasty side effects from drinking caffeine, so I thought about bringing a caffeine-free hot drink alternative to the market which was not only completely natural but also had added health benefits.

“The power of medicinal mushrooms has been known from ancient times, it’s a natural food source and Ötzibrew Chaga for example is packed with manganese to protect cells, maintain bones and help with normal metabolic function.”

At Food Matters Live Tricia will be exhibiting Ötzibrew 100% Pure Chaga, in a variety of sizes as well as Ötzibrew Pure Chaga and Johnsons Coffee Blend.

In additional to the direct to consumer market, Tricia will also be linking up with retailers and stockists ranging from health food stores, high end hotels and restaurants, as well as luxury retailers.

“As well as our two established products we will also be giving Food Matters Live a sneak preview of Ötzibrew’s Organic Lion’s Mane – a 100% organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, vegan supplement that is a mood boosting, nootropic, adaptogenic ingredient which helps to support focus and memory.

“We can’t wait to hear the reaction to this latest product before we share it with our established and new clients.”

Tricia founded Ötzibrew as part of her journey to bring natural nutritional products to market. All the ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Food Matters Live is the largest food and drinks industry event in the UK, covering all the floorspace at London’s ExCeL.

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Who are Ötzibrew?

Founded in 2017 by food industry entrepreneur Tricia McNeilly Ötzibrew is an innovative health food company on a mission to revolutionise the hot drinks market.

Starting with their flagship product 100% Pure Chaga, Tricia and the team at Ötzibrew are offering consumers a healthy alternative to caffeine laden tea and coffee. This first product, Ötzibrew Chaga, brought to market by the Belfast based company is sourced from the wild, uncontaminated forests of Siberia and is processed using water extraction then freeze dried in order to retain and maximise its natural nutrients and minerals.

The finely ground pure chaga powder is then packaged in premium biophotonic violet glass jars which protects the product from UV light and maximises the nutritional qualities of the product.

Where did Ötzibrew come from?

Following a life-long interest and passion for food and nutrition and looking for a new entrepreneurial challenge Ötzibrew founder Tricia McNeilly set off on a mission to find a healthy alternative to coffee.

Having already successfully developed and launched the natural coconut milk/water and botanicals drink CocoMojo, Tricia then founded Root 66: Highway To Health, a company focused on incorporating the health benefits of turmeric into a range of products.

It was Tricia’s own battle with caffeine induced headaches that led her to investigating healthy alternatives to coffee.  

She was looking for something that would remove the addictive properties of caffeine, eradicate the headaches and deliver an energy boost without the jitters.

Tricia McNeilly, Founder Ötzibrew

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