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When You Should Drink Chaga

So often I get asked, “Tricia, I understand all of the amazing health benefits of Chaga but when exactly should I drink Chaga and how much Chaga should I drink a day?” Well that’s exactly what I’m going to explain to you in this article.

Improving Your Mental Health With Chaga

Chaga is known for being one of the greatest up-and-coming power foods on the planet. In this article we show you how drinking Chaga can have a positive effect on your mental health by reducing anxiety, fatigue and stress related depression.

the best way to take chaga

The Best Way To Take Chaga

In this article you will discover: the best way to take the Chaga mushroom; why you can not eat Chaga straight from the tree; our revolutionary Chaga extraction process; and step-by-step instructions on how to take Chaga.

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Our Top 5 Mighty Mushrooms

Here at Ötzibrew, we are all about mushrooms. From beautiful little white buttons to large bracket fungi, they come in all shapes and sizes. We

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Nutrients for your Neurons

The exploration into the world of health optimisation can often lead to encountering some new, and frankly, obscure words. Nootropic may well be one of

Ötzibrew Pure Chaga with Spoon

What is Chaga?

In this blog we’re answering your questions on Chaga: what it is, how it helps you and where you can get it.

Tricia McNeilly, Founder Ötzibrew

Belfast’s Ötzibrew To Brew Up A Storm At UK’s Food Matters Live

A Northern Ireland entrepreneur is set to bring the power of medicinal mushrooms to one of the UK’s biggest food and drink industry conferences next week.

Tricia McNeilly, founder of Ötzibrew, will be exhibiting her flagship product Ötzibrew Pure Chaga, an alternative hot drink, as well as previewing the company’s latest product Organic Lion’s Mane at Food Matters Live in London’s ExCeL from November 20 – 22.

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Do You Fear The Mushroom?

Today, mushrooms are widely available as a tasty, safe and nutritious food in shops and supermarkets, but throughout history they had the reputation of being our intoxicating and mysterious foe

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Want to Drink Less Tea or Coffee? Try Chaga!

Recent research shows that a massive 84% of the UK population drink tea daily, making them the second largest consumer of tea globally, equalling around 165 million cups per day. Do you want to drink less caffeine?

Latte Art

Chaga Chai Latte

We love a nice latte, especially during the winter months. Here is a simple recipe of a latte with a twist and a bit of chaga earthiness.

Mother and Baby

Food, Mood and Nursing Mothers

Nourishing herself and her baby can be a challenge for most new mums, and this along with the pressures of a newborn can potentially leave a new mother feeling fatigued, low and over-whelmed.